The first reference to Clan Buchanan heraldry is found in the " Ragman Roll" dated 28 August 1296, where Malcolme de Bougheannan is mentioned.
The device on the shield is either a Fox or a Wolf Head, with the inscription 'S Malcolm d Nvadeoc'.
This is probably Malcolm ( MacAbsalon) of Buchanan who did homage 1293 and served as a witness to a charter granted by Malcolm earl of Lennox to Sir John of Luss.
In the Armorial de Berry c. 1445 the arms of Le sire de bouguenal ( Buchanan) can be found on Folio 159, plate VII, charged with a chevron checky between three boars heads erased and erect.
The tincture is suggested as OR, Azure and Argent, Gules. This blazon can be seen in "Early Buchanan Seals" and forms part of the principal charge in a number of later grants.
At the time of the establishment of the Public Register of all Arms in Scotland ( Lyon Register) the arms of Buchanan changed to the form with which we are familiar today, and alludes to the marriage of Sir Walter Buchanan of that Ilk to Isabel Stewart, daughter of Murdoch Duke of Albany, Regent of Scotland, and his wife Isobella daughter of Duncan Earl of Lennox.
The arms of those of the royal family of Scotland with the tincture changed from Gules to Sable (mourning black) for the death of Murdoch and his sons at the hand of Murdoch's nephew, James 1 of Scotland.
Since this time arms have been granted to many members of the family, until today we have a large and honourable 'Roll of Armorial Achievements of the Clan Buchanan'.

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